Educational Technology: 3D Printers

Patrica Hawke

Educational technology has come a long way since the computers were invented. Since then technology has been growing and rapidly changing and improving over the years. Educational technology, in general has made a huge impact on the way students learn and the way teachers are teaching. It has made teachers jobs easier by creating systems that help mass grade tests, take roll call, develop PowerPoint presentations, develop their curriculum an plan their teaching year. It has benefited students by providing them with endless possibilities of educational information with the World Wide Web, Internet, online textbooks, educational applications on specific educational devices and so much more. By adding educational technology into the classrooms not only do the teachers have an easier time planning, organizing and teaching their students but also students feel more confident while in school because they are utilizing technologies that the students use everyday while at home. With the students feeling more and more confident, their grades will rise, their attitudes will be better and they will create long term educational goals for themselves because the see school as fun and engaging, rather than boring and tedious.

So many new kinds of educational technologies are being invented day by day. They have invented 3D projectors that the students in the classroom all wear 3D glasses to view different things such as 3D human brains in science class and 3D art in art class. The students learn more about the subject because they are engaged and interested in what the teacher is showing them. Some other technologies are the interactive whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard is like a computer screen and the teacher can show all type of information on the whiteboard and write on it as well to break down harder to learn lessons to make it more understandable to the students. They also now are introducing eReaders, Kindles, iPads, Personal Laptops, iPods and other educational, devices into their classrooms to get and keep the students attention. These devices have educational applications on them, or downloadable educational applications that make learning fun for the students. Weather it be an educational game or a new way of studying with the devices, students flock to these educational devices because they are new and exciting and more interesting than a boring lecture that a traditional teacher would teach. The latest educational technology is 3D printing for engineering/technology classes. North Carolina schools are beginning to become more and more into the educational technology and want to offer it in every classroom. This printer helps students to print objects in 3D and teaches them how to create 3D objects on a flat paper. This helps students to become more interested in engineering as a career, which is important because in the United States, we need more engineers. By introducing these technologies into the classrooms during high school years, students will be more apt to go to college and more apt to want to start a career in a technological based company because they discover what they are into. By North Carolina schools adding the latest technology into their classrooms, the North Carolina School ratings will go up and teachers, students and their parents will be happy.

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