Computer Science To Become a Requirement in Pennsylvania Schools

Patricia Hawke

In Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia School Board asked last year to make Computer Science classes a requirement, and they did. The problem In the United States is that lees than sixty five percent of K-12 schools offer a Computer Science class in the introductory level. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM,) Education Coalition is a program that is designed to create education programs for teachers and students. So far Computer Science hadn’t been a part of STEM, which in turn has resulted in schools not offering it as a class that went towards credits. The classes didn’t have the right curriculum and lesson plans to effectively challenge the students in the class.
Fewer and fewer students were taking the Computer Science class in their schools because they were not a requirement and because they didn’t go towards their graduation credits. When less ad less students take a course that a school offers, the school therefore has less teachers n staff to teach those courses. In result, more and more schools and nixing the program entirely because of the demand for the class is not high enough. The classes are merely being offered as an elective. When you are a student in the K-12 schools would you choose Computer Science as an elective over classes such as yearbook, art or dance? That’s why Computer Science should be a requirement and go towards the graduation credits. Computer Science is just as important now a day as classes such as Math and History, Computer Science is a very useful subject to learn because of the fact it is used in everyday life.
The better you are with computers, the easier life will be in the job market. Companies look for people to hire that have experience with computers since the companies heavily rely on computers and technology to make their everyday business smoother and rely on computer programs designed for their companies to organize data. Since Computer Science is used on an everyday basis in the
‘”Real World,” why isn’t it a requirement at most schools in the United States? So far only ten schools actually require the Computer Science course in the United States.
The lack of requirement for this course in then United States has a direct impact on the need for teaching jobs for Computer Science. The less schools offer this course, the less teachers are needed, Google and Microsoft said over 1.5 million technology bases jobs will be created in the next ten years and we will be needing much more computer science teachers to be teaching this course. At the moment, the demand is down for these curse based solely on the fact that most schools are not making this course a requirement like it should be.
Once the schools make Computer Science a requirement and have it go towards graduation credits, the demand for Computer Science teachers will go up. In turn this will greatly help our future job seekers and better prepare the students for real life.
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