Cleveland Opens Five New Schools for 2006 – 2007

Written by Stacey Andell for Schools K-12

A New Look for Cleveland Schools

Three Cleveland schools received complete and comprehensive renovations.   These schools will appear completely different to returning students and take learning in Cleveland to a new and modern level.   These schools include Mary B. Martin at 8200 Brookline Avenue, Mary Bethune at 11815 Moulton Avenue, and John Hay at 2075 Stoke Boulevard.   All of these schools will host Open Houses for parents and students to get to know the new facilities.

In addition to these renovations, two brand new buildings were also completed for the 2006 – 2007 school year.   These schools represent the latest in educational design and the pride of the Cleveland school system.   Hopefully, these schools will become centers of learning in the Cleveland community and open more educational opportunities for students.   The new schools are John Adam High School at 3817 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Hannah Gibbons – Nottingham at 1401 Larchmont Road.   These new schools will also hold Open Houses for new parents and students to come and check out what has been going on in new construction and how to prepare themselves to learn at these new schools.

District Wide Improvement Strategies

In addition to these new renovations and locations, Cleveland schools are calling on parents in all schools to get together and discuss how to make getting to school in Cleveland a safe and enjoyable experience.   The “Respect Clevelend: A Matter of Choice. A Leadership Summit for Safe and Respectful Schools” will help address concerns that parents and administrators have for making Cleveland schools more productive and less likely to encounter problems in the new school year.   The focus of the summit will be identifying and implementing 4 or 5 clear goals to improve safety and security at Cleveland schools.  

Speaking about the summit, Dr. Sanders states: “We intend to do all that we can before the start of school to ensure safety, security and respect to all of our students and staff and we want every concerned resident, including our young people, to have the opportunity to bring their suggestions and recommendations to this process.”   Sanders hopes that the summit will be one of many meetings throughout the school year and beyond to improve student safety and security and make Cleveland schools more inviting environments for students and parents.   Long term recommendations, as well as stages that need to be met for the Cleveland school safety programs, are welcome from the community in general as well as the parents and students at Cleveland schools.  

Under the umbrella of Cleveland school safety improvement, the district will also implement several other programs to keep students safe at all Cleveland schools.   The Cleveland Police Department, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police, RTA Police, Cuyahoga Community College Police and University Circle Police will all assist in monitoring students getting on and off of school buses.  A hotline, 771-SAFE, will be manned 24 hours each day by CMSD’s Division of Safety & Security in order to take tips and problems about student safety.

All of these safety programs are designed with the goal of keeping Cleveland schools connected to the resources of the Cleveland community to keep students safe. “This collaboration and the coordination of our patrols in the early morning and the afternoon allows us to have many more eyes watching out for our children on their way to and from school,” said Dr. Sanders.  “This has provided an extra measure of safety for our children and we are pleased to continue these partnerships and will seek additional law enforcement agencies to join us.”