Choosing Public Over Private San Francisco Schools

Written by Patricia Hawke for

No one can deny that private San Francisco schools serve their purpose; they offer some families the choice of the school their children attend. For those who can pay for it, a private San Francisco school education is looked at as not only highly desirable, but one that is fashionable and caters to the elite.  
Why Choose Private School?
For many families, attending private San Francisco schools is a given; it’s what the parents did, so the kids will do so as well. Some parents want the characteristics that may be more available to the students of private San Francisco schools that they can’t get at public school. Smaller class sizes, different options like more extra-curricular activities or advanced studies and (possibly) highly educated teaching staff draws them in.
A desire to shelter and protect the children can also lead families to choose private San Francisco schools over their public school cousins. Since private San Francisco schools can limit enrollment to certain students and turn away others, schools can carefully screen applicants – and only admit those that fit their criteria. Often, kids who have had problems learning or with their behavior are turned away from some private San Francisco schools, which supposedly improves the learning environment for those students who fit the bill.
Public School is for the Masses
Every child in this country is entitled to a free, public education. As a matter of fact, their parents are legally required to enroll them in and take them to school until they are 16 years old. For the vast majority of Americans, public school is the only option.
If, as the stereotypes suggest, private San Francisco schools are “better”, why must the children suffer? It is not their fault if their families do not make enough money to send them to private San Francisco schools. Don’t they deserve an excellent education just as much as their rich peers?
Of course! That is why school districts all over the country, like the ones serving San Francisco schools are doing all they can to make sure they are offering the best possible educations to their students.
Choosing Public over Private Can Be a Philosophical Matter
It is the responsibility of our society to ensure that each and every child receives a quality education, and that that education is available to them through their public school. There is no reason at all for public San Francisco schools to fail to offer a great education to their students. In fact, I believe that it is their duty to offer a better experience than private schools. Wealth should not determine success; we all have the potential to do amazing things, and we all need good educations to do so.