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Public school is not the right fit for all students.  Sometimes not even private school is the right fit.  All over the country and Cincinnati Schools families are looking for a different choice.  Increasing numbers of students are making the decision to be pulled out of Cincinnati Schools and be home schooled each year.  The image called to mind is usually one of parents teaching their obedient children in the quaint comfort of their own living room.  But the home schooling culture, like so much in our world has been modernized and updated to the point where Cincinnati home schoolers are at no real disadvantage to students enrolled in Cincinnati schools.
Can home-schooled children have to same resources as those in Cincinnati Schools? There is a network of home schooling families that provides a unified front and pacing guide for students.  The internet has facilitated group workshops, meetings, field trips and more so that home schooled students are given the opportunity to experience social learning excursions in the company of friends.  Some teachers from Cincinnati Schools provided these students with reinforcement via the Internet and e-mail.  Activities are organized and attended by many home schooled students ensuring that no individual is isolated from his or her peers throughout the school year.
Although Cincinnati Schools actually lose funding with each child pulled out of the district, they are trying to be a part of home schooling success. Cincinnati Schools have set up a web page for parental educators.  Parents are in contact with other parents and are fond of setting up monthly online discussions.  Questions can be answered and ideas floated.  Teachers in the Cincinnati Schools offer methods and share lesson plans with home-schooling parents.
Teachers and specialists in the Cincinnati Schools are listed as resources for any overwhelmed home schooling novice.  They can provide answers and guidance to any parent new to the program.  Cincinnati Schools have piano instructors, violin players and local art teachers listed, in addition to the on call academic specialists.
There are legal requirements for pulling your child out of Cincinnati Schools.  Notification must be sent to the superintendent of Cincinnati Schools and all required data must be filled out explicitly.  The superintendent has the right to deny any request he receives, but the district appears to be pretty supportive of this alternative educational effort.
Cincinnati Schools understand and respect parental confusion when choosing an education for their children.  It is a sensitive subject and more people every year decide that the grueling 8-hour public school day of Cincinnati Schools is not something they want their child to endure.  The safety and comfort of home provides an encouraging environment that elicits and facilitates many aspects of learning.  Although there are challenges, and things that home schools won’t get outside of Cincinnati schools, it’s easy to see the allure of this situation.