Bullying In Miami Schools

Written by Patricia Hawke for www.schoolsk-12.com

Whether we like it or not, bullying is on the rise in schools around the world and Miami schools are no exception. While some states have brought in an anti-bullying legislation, there are many, including Florida that have yet to have one. Besides, easy access to guns seems to have made revenge and/or expression of pent up anger more possible than before – both for the bullies and the bullied alike. Given the circumstances, one would agree that Miami schools do have an uphill task in front of them.
Impact Of Bullying On Children In Miami Schools
Simply put, bullying is nothing but abuse of power by an individual or a group in order to continue to dominate and thus feel safe. Many a time, a bully himself/herself used to be at the receiving end!
It is estimated that each day more than 160, 000 children miss school in an attempt to steer clear of bullies. Many others across Miami schools live in constant fear of what might happen to them next, resulting in behavioral problems; sometimes even severe depression. Most often, bullying scars children for life. Victims of bullying in Miami schools like the ones elsewhere sometimes don’t even live to tell the tale.
How can we forget Jeffrey Johnston? Nearly 3 years of cyberbullying drove this 15-year old to take his own life his 15-year in 2005. What is being done to protect all the other children in Miami schools? That’s the question all victims, parents, teachers and caregivers are trying to answer.
Role Of Students, Teachers And Parents In Anti-Bullying Efforts In Miami Schools
Several organizations like Youth Crime Watch, Equality Florida and programs like Project Antibully are doing their best to help put an end to this social evil. Students seem to be becoming an integral part of the anti-bullying campaign. Project Antibully and several such other initiatives have opened up a new channel of communication for victims in Miami schools.
They feel a lot more empowered than before. They know that they are not alone anymore and that they need not continue to feel afraid, ashamed or embarrassed. Similarly, teachers and parents across Miami schools are also working more closely than before on this issue. Many Miami schools are taking proactive measures in dealing with this menace; almost all schools have an active bullying-prevention program. Parents are being coached on how to deal with their children irrespective of which side of the fence they may be.
35 of the 67 public school districts in the state already have anti-bullying policies. The current focus is on lobbying for a comprehensive anti-bullying legislation so that all students are guaranteed of their safety. Let’s hope that students across Miami schools are able to return to a fear-free world at the earliest!