Are the Houston Schools Making College Accessible?

Written by Patricia Hawke for

The Houston Independent School District (HISD) wants to increase the amount of students that attend college.  In order to do this, they are providing students, as well as parents, all the information they need in order to make college happen.  Houston Schools believes that college is the best way for a student to succeed in the world. 
How are Houston Schools Helping Students Attend College?
The schools in Houston Independent School District, are dedicated to the focus of providing a quality education for all of its students. As part of this focus, the high schools within the district are  implementing several “college readiness” programs to expose students to the benefits of a college education and help them understand that college is the way to go to further their success later in life. 
The Houston Schools are emphasizing to all of their students the idea that every single one of them can go to college regardless of financial ability.  Each student has the potential for college according to Houston Schools and they are gearing themselves toward providing the guidance and advice necessary to prepare their students for college.  Such guidance includes early parent and student classes encouraging a college education at the elementary level.  These classes, sponsored by the schools of the Houston Independent School District encourage parents to make college a priority in their children’s lives.  It also encourages children to start succeeding early.   
The Houston High Schools are also offering more Advanced Placement courses to their students as such Advanced Placement work prepare and acclimate students to the college class demands by increasing the work load and changing the curriculum in order to provide more time for scholarly essay writing and reading.  A regular class might integrate more activities but an Advanced Placement course is more like a college-class than anything else.  If they pass the standardized Advanced Placement test at the end of the year, it will apply as college credit when they do enroll at a college or University. 
As part of the college preparedness effort, the Houston Schools are also offering dual-credit courses. Dual-credit courses allow the student to take a class that applies both to his high-school diploma as well as counting toward college credit requirements. It is conceivable that a student in the dual-enrollment program can graduate high-school with nearly an Associates Degree, or much of the general education requirement of college accounted for and be in a position to go to the University level and stay there for as little as two years. 
Overall, Houston Schools are dedicated in their pursuit for most children to attend college.  In our growing society, a college education is becoming increasingly more important.  It is getting harder and harder for those without a college education to live above the poverty line simply because they are unable to make as much money as a college graduate.  Encouraging your child to attend college from an early age will ensure that his future in the world will be secure.  Houston Schools recommend starting early and taking an active role in your child’s education in order to maximize their achievement.