An Ohio Bandwagon for Everyone to Ride

“The mission of the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign (OFSC) is to organize and advocate for high-quality public education opportunities for all Ohio children wherever they live, whatever their race and whatever their family background.” – Ohio Fair Schools Campaign

The Ohio Fair Schools Campaign is a coalition of rural, suburban and urban organizations that have banded together for one purpose, to address the educational funding crisis of state wide schools by speaking with one voice for the children of Ohio . Could there be a better cause? Made up of community organizations, non-profits, faith networks, local congregations, parent organizations, and concerned citizens this is a group working tirelessly for the children of Ohio.

In open monthly public meetings members get together to discuss current funding issues facing their school departments and together they make plans to address them. The group sponsors petitions, legislation and even an annual essay contest with a $150 scholarship to the student winners in an attempt to get children involved in the decisions made for their schools. No matter whom you are, or your age, the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign offers a way to get involved in the future of the state’s public education system.

The Ohio Fair Schools Campaign is a well-oiled machine. On May 2, voters across Ohio considered 199 school issues and through their website OFSC offered readers valuable information about the upcoming bond issues, property tax levies and district school taxes, ( Ohioans can learn more about current finding proposals, get bumper stickers, sign up for endorsements, read about ways students can lend their voices to the funding issues, read school funding guides, check out the current data on funding in the state and more! They sponsor live chats too and you can join in from a link on their site.

According to the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign web site on June 30, Governor Bob Taft signed HB 66, a two-year budget, into law.  Overall, the budget makes significant changes to Ohio 's tax code by eliminating a number of corporate taxes, cutting personal income taxes, and creating a new business tax. Even though the State had an extra $1.2 billion come in, the money was not used for schools. Funding for schools under this plan is $400 million less than the previous budget bill.”  OFSC wants to see that changed and is having excellent success in stimulating the citizens of Ohio to take a stand in advocating for high-quality public education opportunities. There are other issues that the group works to change as well.

Many Ohio newspapers have jumped onto the school funding issues bandwagon too and you can find many article links on the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign website.

When it comes to their children Ohioans take school funding seriously. The Ohio Fair Schools Campaign is an organization that offers support, information and a way for parents to combine their voices for the benefit of the state’s most valuable resource; their children.