An Increasing Trend Towards All Girls Settings in Dallas Schools

By Patricia Hawke for

Dallas Schools Lead the Way in Single Gender Education 
The trend towards all female education has caught on in Texas in a big way.  The Dallas Independent School District  kicked off the trend when the first all girls public school was started in the city three years ago.  Today, attendance at the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School has more than tripled, and the school has relocated to a bigger campus.  So is this a passing fad, or a sign of times to come?  All indications in single gender Dallas schools seem to point to the latter.
How All Girls Dallas Schools are Able to Boost Performances 
Come to think of it, it’s quite clear that you’re removing a major distraction from the classroom when you remove the boys.  But the all girls education experiment being attempted in many Dallas schools seems to be working out great for the students.  All female schools seem to improve girls’ academic performances, especially in subjects like math and science, once considered the boys’ domains. 
A survey conducted on more than 4000 alums of all girls Dallas schools revealed that close to 13 per cent of them chose to major in science, math, technology and engineering;all traditionally considered to be “boys’” subjects.  A reason for this enhanced level of performance at all female Dallas schools could be the freedom that girls feel in single gender environments.  Think about it.  Your teacher asks you a question and you hesitate to put your hand up because you dread the possible sniggers from the boys if you get it wrong.  In an all girls Dallas school, girls feel more free to take chances because there isn’t that fear of being laughed at if they mistakes.  They don’t feel the pressure to act more confident than they really feel, or put on an act.  Nobody can argue that this provides a rich and conducive environment for girls to challenge themselves, and push their intellectual boundaries to limits they might not have had the courage to do in a mixed gender setting.  And it’s not just in academics that the positive effects of putting girls in all female environments can be seen.  Girls in such Dallas schools seem to take more interest in sports, and generally exhibit greater interest in all the opportunities that school offers.
The Trend is Catching on in Dallas Schools 
This enhanced learning environment at all girls Dallas schools has had very visible effects on the schools’ overall academic performance.  At the Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, the ratings have improved significantly from “recognized” to “exemplary.”  And the trend is catching on in other Texan cities.  New all female schools are being planned in both San Antonio and Houston.