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Military Avoiding Virtual School Graduates

Virtual schools are benefiting a lot of students across the United States. Virtual schools are giving students so many opportunities’ they otherwise wouldn’t have in a traditional school. They give students the chance to be able to have a job while going to school, focus more on their school work rather than popularity or school bullies and it gives students a chance to learn while not being distracted from friends and other school mates like a traditional school would have..... Read More

Online Math Testing in Florida

As educational technology flourishes, it begins to make traditional methods of school seem dull and old fashioned. Back in the day, testing for all subjects was done with a pencil and piece of paper, which the teacher had to grade, by hand, after the students finished the test..... Read More

Issues with Math Instruction

California schools have always been behind when it comes to having challenging math programs. Math is a subject that either thoroughly challenges students, or it comes easy to them. Teachers always tell students that math is the most important class in school and that math will be used in everyday life after the students join the workforce..... Read More

Raising Student Achievement in Wisconsin Schools

It’s always the top things on the minds of superintendents and other school administrators that they want their students of their schools to do well. They want the students to get as much as they can out of their education and prepare them the best way they can for a higher education..... Read More

New Educational Technology in Texas Schools

It’s important to keep up with the times when it comes to educational technology. Texas schools are beginning to implement more and more technology into their classrooms and they are seeing a lot of academic differences in their students. The students seem to be more interested in learning, they are getting better test score and coming to school more often..... Read More

Initiative for School Principles

We all realize that teachers directly affect our children and how they learn in school. The teachers are with the students five days a week, and they become key role models in the student’s lives. Having good teacher give students the desire to want to go to school and do well in school so their teachers can praise them for their performance increases..... Read More

Vancouver, Washington Schools Save Millions

With the current economic crisis, schools now, more than ever need to find solutions to fix their budget crisis. They are forced to lay off teachers, school staffs, increase classroom size and cut back on many school activities that they would have been able to do in the past..... Read More

Online Class Trials in Phoenix

In Phoenix, Arizona online classes are becoming more and more popular. Online classes give students the freedom of completing a course or certain school subject while at home or in a library. It helps the students to become more independent and learn to create goals for themselves and complete them in a timely manner..... Read More

Schoolnet and Educational Technology

New York City schools have been using Schoolnet to effectively help their students to do better in school and get better grades for years and just recently Pearson PLC bought out the company. They are planning on continuing with the educational technology because they know how much schools in big cities use it such as; the School District of Philadelphia, New York City Public School Districts and Chicago Public School Districts..... Read More

Connecting Informal and Formal Learning

Before digital media was around the only kind of education was formal education, that which was directly from a teacher to a student in a traditional classroom setting. California schools realize that now with the digital media, students have access to informal learning at any time of day..... Read More

Gaming for Scholarships

A group of investors based in New Jersey launched the site,, after with this site it gives middle school and high school students the opportunities to earn a scholarship to college if they didn’t already have a sport talent or academic talent..... Read More

Public Schools Versus Private School Funding

California Public schools always get the short end of the stick when it comes to school funding. Because public schools are free for students to attend, the budget cuts always come first and more intensely on the public schools. They are forced to lay off teachers, increase class size, cut student programs and lay off other school administrators..... Read More

Student Gaming Challenge

Students in 5th grade through middle school have the opportunity to win laptop computers and educational software. In addition to these gifts, the students who win get a two thousand dollar cash prices awarded to their school. This is a video gaming challenge, it challenged students to use their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and math skills to come up with video game design concerts in a written form or they can create an actual game using video game creation software..... Read More

National School Boards Associations Plans for Arizona Schools

The National School Board Association is focusing this year on educational technology and how it is being used in school. They know that educational technology has come a long way and they want to make sure every school utilizes it in the classrooms to give the students a good head start on what they can expect out of life in college and in the workforce..... Read More

Visual Learning for Florida Schools

At the Florida Education and technology conference in Orlando, Florida, they were putting a huge emphasis on Visual Learning and the benefits that accompany their theory. Miami Schools have already adopted this approach and are beginning to utilize this concept in their schools to help their students to succeed in school..... Read More

Use of iPads in San Diego Schools

San Diego schools have begun to implement iPads into a few schools in the county to assist students in their classes. The results from integrating the iPads into the curriculum have been great and by using these devices during school to help the students to understand the concepts of the programs they are studying and utilizing educational applications on the iPads, students are getting better grades on tests and in their classes..... Read More

United States Education Lacking in Substance

Sacramento Schools in California are realizing the standard that the Unite states has for the public school system is extremely low. While other schools around the world have a standard of 220 days of school per year, the United States only has 180 days of school per year..... Read More

Orange Country Schools Drastic Budget Cuts

California’s economy is in such bad shape that drastic plans are in effect to help with California’s deficit. Currently California has a $15.4 billion deficit and they are looking at many ways to help get themselves out of the negatives. Schools always are the first thing looked at when determining where states can save money because of the huge expenses they are to the states..... Read More