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SAINT JOSEPH, MISSOURI SCHOOLS AND NEIGHBORHOODS: WE ARE HERE TO HELP is a site designed around the needs of a relocating family with school age children. It is a site that allows the family to search public and private Saint Joseph schools, but understands that choosing the right Saint Joseph neighborhood is equally important to a successful move. Through a network of local sponsors and experts, can guide a family through the process of choosing an excellent Saint Joseph school located in a great neighborhood taking into account such things as affordability, accessibility to work, to shopping, the traffic patterns and more.

ABOUT Saint Joseph, Missouri SCHOOLS

Saint Joseph schools boast a total student population of 28,245 attending 68 schools in 18 public school districts and 24 private schools. Public school revenue and expenditures vary by school district but Saint Joseph public schools spend an average of $6,488 per student each year.

Student teacher ratio is an important statistic cluing parents into the probable attention their child might receive individually in a classroom setting. Saint Joseph public schools average a student teacher ratio of 18:1. Saint Joseph private schools average 10:1. Also, high schools in Saint Joseph average a student body population of 421, while Saint Joseph middle schools and elementary schools average student body populations of 303 and 288 respectively.

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It wasn't so long ago that a child's education was limited to geographical boundaries set by the local school district. Increasingly, government is injecting "choice" into the equation by allowing children to enroll in the school of their choosing, regardless of where they live, as long as there is sufficient classroom space available.

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